Found it in my in-laws drawer where they had butter dishes etc What’s this?? Fork there for scale.

It’s a glass dog’s bone. Their short lifespan prevented them from being kept viable even though they were bred in the early 19th century.
a serving knife rest to prevent stains on your exquisite lace tablecloth.


Well done, everyone, for keeping the comments civil!
little dumbbell. A feeble baby is disliked by all.
It serves as a knife rest. In addition to being for the carving knife, these are also placed at each place setting to rest the table knife after usage. Not for the butter knife, that is. Still lying over the bread plate is the butter knife.

There were two for my granny. Although I’m not familiar with her history, her collection of instruments suggested that she was a frequent performer. I have twelve salt cellars that I use to sift salt over different foods. The cellars come with little crystal spoons. We used them for holiday banquets, including Thanksgiving.
None of my kids know how to “play” with elaborate dinners these days.


depressing custom. They won’t keep them in their home if they can’t wash them in a dishwasher.
Nothing to say about, just food from a paper bag for experiences.
to place your knife on after chopping the meat to avoid scuffing the tablecloth
Rest for a knife. Similar to a chopstick rest,

Table cloth is kept clean by a filthy knife rest.
I had no idea what to use the one my mom had given me, lol. I do now! Regards
Whoa! I appreciate your insights. What a fantastic group this is! The knife rests are really lovely!
Have one similar to this one. letting the carving knife rest, if you are using a single one.


They are quite gorgeous, I’ve never seen one!
Whoa! I had assumed I was familiar with a variety of serving utensils, but this one escaped my notice. I’m grateful that you shared!
That was the one my mom and grandmother had. Perhaps a salt roller?


I own a pair of those.
To place a knife holder there.
When a knife is not in use, it is placed on a small, frequently ornamental device called a knife rest to prevent the blade from coming into contact with a table or countertop. They are available in a variety of forms and materials, from straightforward metal patterns to more elaborate ones crafted from porcelain, silver, or other materials. They fulfill a functional need and can give a dining table a hint of elegance.


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