He dug a hole in the ground and put a banana and a raw egg in it. It seems strange what he does, but the result is incredible!

Usually, I use them in the cooking, but I’ve lately discovered that eggs and bananas may also be very useful in the garden.


It may sound unusual because these are food products, not gardening supplies. They are supposed to be consumed.

But in actuality, eggs and bananas can both do amazing things for plants, and using them doesn’t need you to be an expert gardener with a green thumb.


Many people believe that gardening is a labor-intensive hobby that needs a lot of knowledge. It’s important to understand the individual requirements of each plant to ensure its growth and health, such as the quantity of water or sunlight it needs.

Because I don’t think gardening is my strong suit, I’ve been looking for easy tips that will aid me along the path.


And one of those ploys is this. All you need is a pot, a few eggs, and a bunch of bananas, but it gets millions of views on YouTube.


What therefore makes this gardening tip so well-liked?


As you can imagine, the secret is to produce plants and seedlings as effectively as possible, which is why using eggs and bananas together can be really beneficial.

Eggshells are an affordable substitute for fertilizers. Therefore, you can take advantage of eggshells’ powerful qualities instead of spending a fortune on expensive fertilizers. Rich in calcium and other minerals, eggshells are ideal for plant growing.

But it’s reported that utilizing an entire egg produces even better results. Different chemicals are released during the egg’s decomposition, which keeps the soil from rotting the roots.

Bananas, on the other hand, are packed with nutrients that decompose and release. Particularly banana peels are high in potassium, which is one of the most important nutrients for plants.

So, by burying these food items in the soil alongside your plant, you can make an efficient (and inexpensive!) natural fertilizer.

What you should do is as follows:
Take a pot and add roughly two inches of dirt to it. Put a banana and a raw egg in the middle of the pot, then top it off with more dirt.

After that, put the plant you want in the pot.

The nutrients in the egg and banana will slowly seep into the soil as they break down, giving the plant the nutrition it needs to flourish.

The fact that you can use stale eggs and bananas that would otherwise be thrown away makes this approach even better. Rather of just discarding them, you give them a new purpose—to support the growth and well-being of your plants!

You can see how to produce tomatoes by using eggs and bananas as fertilizers in the video below (or here). Excellent, in my opinion!

I will absolutely give this trick a try. I’m all for natural ways, so using eggs and bananas instead of fertilizers is a huge advantage for me! Not to mention the significant savings that this hack leaves you with due to its cost-effectiveness.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you know who might find it useful. It’s ideal right now because spring has finally arrived!






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