“He’s homeless living on the streets,” thinks one fan about handsome Hollywood Johnny Depp after his private visiting local music shop

Ever after prevailing in his six-year defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has maintained a low profile. The actor is taking care of himself and planning his future. But after he went vintage shopping, several of his outfit’s comments came from fans.

Celebrity from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Johnny Depp, recently prevailed in a six-year lawsuit for defamation brought by his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accused him of abusing his power.

In a private island ceremony, the ex-couple tied the knot in 2015. They were only married for 15 months, though, thus their union was brief.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in London in 2015 | Source: Getty Images

After accusing Depp of domestic abuse, Heard sought a temporary restraining order against him, citing “inconceivable differences.”

In 2016, Heard and Depp’s divorce was finally formalized, with a $7 million settlement between them. However, the bad news started when Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife in 2019 over an article she had written for the Washington Post in 2018 in which she accused him of sexual assault.


Beginning on April 11, 2022, both sides accused the other of abusing the other physically, emotionally, and mentally.


The two performers now had to strip away every aspect of their relationship in front of the court, which only made matters worse. However, Depp won the trial on June 1. The jury determined that Heard’s claim in the article that she had been sexually abused was defamatory.


The actress is said to be unable to provide Depp with the $10.4 million that Heard was expected to pay in exchange.

The jury gave Depp a $15 million damage award one week after the slander trial concluded. on talk about their significant victory, Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew, his attorneys, were invited on Good Morning America.

It was made clear by the lawyers that the actor’s goal in the case was to repair his reputation, not to make money.

After winning the case, Depp also made a statement of his own. He considered how false yet grave and hurtful accusations six years ago had altered his life and the lives of his children.

He acknowledged the amount of abuse he encountered in the media, but he expressed gratitude to the court for restoring his life.

Johnny Depp in London in 2018 | Source: Getty Images

“The best is yet to come, and a new chapter has finally begun,” the actor wrote as he concluded his statement. True enough, yet not quite. The truth never fades.

After the Battle, what happened to Depp?
It was his career, not the money, that drove Depp to battle for his image. Since the actor has always taken pride in his work, he was not going to allow anything unduly undermine his efforts.

The actor is apparently aiming to make a comeback to our screens now that he has prevailed in his case that changed his life. However, Depp is putting his own needs—both bodily and mental—first before resuming his profession.

It was disclosed by an insider that Depp was not thinking back on the past. He was keeping his head up and making every effort to avoid any bad vibes. The insider stated that the actor was pleased and relieved with the outcome.

Now, as he eases into his next actions, the actor is reveling in the sensation of having the burden he carried for six years lifted off his shoulders.

An other source disclosed that three months subsequent to the verdict, Depp was doing well and had even resumed his dating life.

Johnny Depp in Virginia in 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Even though Depp is doing well, he recently appeared in public, and his attire drew criticism from certain admirers.

Does Johnny Depp, who is fifty-nine years old, appear to be homeless these days?
While looking for guitars, Depp stopped by an antique store. When a movie celebrity of such caliber strolled into the store by accident, the staff was taken aback.

Johnny Depp at an antique store in 2023 | Source: Instagram.com/Hot News

Robert Miller, who has owned Hemswell Antique Centers for more than 20 years, said Depp was a very real person.

Miller claimed that the actor was being his easygoing, everyday self, which made the encounter enjoyable. He took his time looking over and playing the instruments, making himself comfortable.

“For someone like that to come through our doors is brilliant,” Miller said, expressing how amazing it was to have Depp walk inside his store. He went so far as to say that Depp will undoubtedly return to purchase additional guitars because of his positive experience.

Though some admirers thought Depp’s outfit was great for vintage shopping, others were criticizing the actor’s style based on the images from his visit to the antique store.

Many supporters expressed their happiness with Depp’s victory. He was praised for being a kind person who was now able to live his life without having to conceal.

He fought and avoided the most lethal bullet from that six-year case, earning him plaudits from other admirers. He was also wished well in his next chapter by his supporters.

Comments about Johnny Depp | Source: Facebook.com/Daily Mail

Conversely, admirers were perplexed by Depp’s attire but yet expressed the same endearing feelings.

Given his attractive appearance, one commenter expressed confusion about the actor’s choice of “horrid clothes.” He was nevertheless commended for succeeding in wearing his unusual fashion sense.

While some readers openly claimed that Depp looked destitute, others believed the actor’s costume was the ideal attire for vintage shopping.

Fans were nevertheless thrilled to see the actor out and about again, saying he simultaneously appeared joyful and destitute.

Wearing an all-gray ensemble, Depp’s jacket appeared worn out with several holes, and his pants had visible unfinished hems, giving the appearance of patched denim.

His signature blue glasses, a maroon pair of hand gloves, a checkered scarf, and a blue denim cap completed the ensemble.

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