Jenna Dewan Mourns: ‘You Showed Me I Could Become a Mother’

The 43-year-old actress Jenna Dewan is mourning the passing of Meeka, her cherished puppy. Meeka, who was eighteen, died on May 28. On May 29, Jenna posted a touching ode to her “first baby” on Instagram. Over the years, she shared a number of pictures of herself with Meeka, including ones of Meeka with Jenna’s kids, Callum Kazee, 4, and Everly Tatum, 10, who are Jenna’s children.

In the tearful message, Jenna talked about how much she loved her animal friend and how many memories they had made together. She made the amusing comment that Meeka and she have “more eras than” Taylor Swift. As Jenna had different experiences and became a mother, she also acknowledged Meeka’s important influence in her life.

Meeka was Jenna’s continuous comfort and support system during their 18-year journey. She traveled the world with the devoted puppy, who also supported her during the difficult postpartum and quarantine periods. Jenna will always treasure the memories she shared with Meeka, who was the queen of the house.

Jenna expressed thankfulness for the dog’s calm transition even in Meeka’s last hours. She feels that because Jenna is currently expecting a child with her fiancé, Steve Kazee, Meeka’s soul will continue to watch over them and the new member of their family.

This loss occurs after Wylie, a rescue dog, was adopted by Jenna and Steve in 2021. With their furry friends and kids by their sides, they are creating a loving family. Jenna is thankful for the wonderful gift Meeka was and their enduring relationship, even though she is greatly missed.

Let’s pay tribute to and remember Jenna’s cherished puppy, Meeka, who filled her life with so much happiness and company.

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