Kelly Rizzo shows incredible strength in the face of grief

Kelly Rizzo announced her new relationship to the world during a 2024 Grammy Awards viewing party. She has now made her relationship with actor Breckin Meyer official on Instagram.

On Tuesday, the widow of comedian Bob Saget wished her partner a happy birthday on social media, which was their first joint message in the public domain. “Grateful for your birthday! Rizzo, 44, wrote on social media, “To the man who is kind, sweet, silly, thoughtful, completely hilarious, handsome, understanding, charming, forever curious, compassionate, witty, warm & wonderful.” “Today should be spent celebrating you forever!🎂❤️🎉,” she continued.

Actress Jana Kramer replied, “I love this so much,” and actress Caitlin Crosby wrote, “Oh it’s instagram offish!!! 🥰🥰🥰.”


Regarding her new partnership, Rizzo told E! that it took her “a while” to “get to the point where” she felt at ease dating once more.


After Bob Saget passed away unexpectedly, some believed that Rizzo had moved on too soon. To them, she responded, “Unless you are a widow or a widower, you truly have absolutely no place and no right to comment on this because you do not know what it’s like.” “You simply don’t comprehend the immensely complex, challenging, and dynamic thoughts and feelings that arise throughout this entire process,” the woman continued.

Eighteen months after her husband’s death, Rizzo began dating, and she is happy that she has met someone who recognizes Saget as “always going to be a part of my life.”

She remarked, “It means so much to me that he always asks questions about him and keeps him in the conversation.”

Even though Rizzo didn’t require Bob’s daughters’ approval, it was important to her to have their blessing because it fit her perception of what was right in that circumstance.


The journalist remarked, “It would be wonderful to think that Bob would want me to be happy too, but to hear it from them is just a totally different level.” Simply hearing, “Hey, we trust you,” meant the world to me. We cherish you. We want you to be happy and we believe you’ll do what’s right.

Saget and Rizzo were wed for four years before he passed away in 2022.


About Rizzo’s new partner, Breckin Meyer, he is most recognized for the cult favorite Clueless from the 1990s.In addition, Meyer has produced and written; she was the brains behind Men At Work.

Deborah Kaplan, a filmmaker, and Meyer were previously wed from 2001 to 2014. The couple has two daughters together.

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