“Her Breasts Weigh 110 lbs”: What Does The Woman With The Largest Natural Breast In The World Look Like?

Annie Hawkins-Turner, better known as Norma Stitz, has lived with extraordinarily enormous breasts for a long time. Norma has a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest natural bust since, unlike many others, her 50 kg of breasts are completely natural. Standing at 168 centimeters tall and weighing 160 kg, her bust alone bears a large amount of her weight.

Norma’s large size caused problems for her from an early age. She received unwelcome attention from men and was teased at school. Typical tasks like sleeping in a comfortable position or sitting at a desk caused challenges. Norma accepts her curvaceous physique in spite of these challenges, rejecting advice to get surgery to smaller her breast.

Norma places a high value on her health and works out every day to maintain her body in shape. Her late spouse Alan was a major influence in her decision to accept her body and her self-worth. Norma has shared her message of body acceptance and self-love with the globe ever since Alan’s death in 2005.

Norma feels more attractive and self-assured than ever at 65 years old.

Her experience encourages people to love themselves completely and accept their bodies.

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