My Ex-husband’s New Wife Unexpectedly Contacted Me – What She Wrote Made Me Go Pale

When my spouse, Kevin, unintentionally contacted me instead of his lover five years ago, my entire world crumbled. Jess, I detest her. With all of my being, I detest Bridget. Not even a baby can be born to her.” It broke my heart to know he was unfaithful and felt sorry for me since I couldn’t conceive.



After our divorce, I got a big settlement that included a stake in his business. Kevin wed Jessica, the person he had an affair with, shortly after. I ignored any news about them and moved on until Jessica reached out to me a month ago, looking for help and afraid.

“I told him to get rid of it, but Kevin doesn’t want the baby,” she revealed. He lost too much money in the divorce.

I made the decision to assist her despite our past. I took Kevin to court and proposed that she live into my lake house. A letter disclosing his requests and cautioning him against harassment was drafted by my attorney.

Kevin’s demise was brought about by our discovery of financial malfeasance in his organization. Jessica made the decision to keep the baby, and we became friends in the meanwhile.

Knowing that justice had been done and Kevin had to pay for his acts, this ordeal gave me closure. Karma only requires a small prod from time to time.

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