My Parents Didn’t Show up for My School Graduation — Their Excuse Is Ridiculous

We all look forward to the significant occasion of high school graduation. It will be a special time in our lives that we want to spend with the people we care about the most.

The young woman named Britt characterized her graduation day as a roller coaster of emotions. Although she was quite proud of herself for having completed high school, she was worried that her stepfather and mother might not be there. In between the excitement and lights of the cameras, she looked around the throng, expecting to find familiar faces.

She kept glancing around as she sat among her peers. “It seems like they’re running late,” she told herself. “Perhaps caught in traffic. They are going to arrive shortly.

Britt looked around while names were announced, and then it was finally her turn to come up to the stage. She grinned widely, holding onto her certificate and hoping to see her stepdad’s applause and her mother’s delighted grin. However, they could not be located.

As she strolled around, she thought, “They must be here somewhere.” At last, Britt checked her phone, understanding they were probably not arriving and weren’t there. A note said, “We’re sorry we couldn’t make it. A situation involving your stepsister arose. Later, we’ll rejoice. Congratulations!

Britt could not believe it. More importantly than her graduation, what might it be? She was furious and anxious, and all she wanted was to go home and find out what had happened.

Her step-sister Iris was well-known for her frequent outbursts and fervent desire for attention, but what could be so serious at this point?

Britt felt a reassuring hand rest on her shoulder as she stood by herself. It was her prom date, Justin. He inquired, “Hey, are you okay?” feeling there was a serious problem.


A lump formed in Britt’s throat, preventing her from speaking. Words did not flow from her lips; tears did.

Britt was pulled into a cozy hug by Justin’s mother, who whispered, “Oh sweetheart, come here.” “We are here for you; you are not alone.”

In an attempt to bridge the gap left by Britt’s parents, Justin and his family tried everything in their power to make her feel valued and included.


Britt went back home after celebrating with Justin’s folks. Her mother and father-in-law were comfortably reclining on the sofa, enjoying television as though it were any ordinary day.

Britt confronted them, enraged, saying, “Hey, where were you guys? You were not present for my graduation. Anger made her voice waver.


Her mother moaned, looking mortified, “Your stepsister broke a nail.” She had a massive fit and insisted that we take her right away to the beauty salon to get it fixed. Britt, she was quite upset.

Britt cried out in shock, “A broken nail? You didn’t attend my graduation because Iris had a tantrum and broke a nail?

“It was an emergency for me,” Iris mumbled, not raising her head.

Britt saw how misaligned her parents’ values were. Though she was aware that Iris was their favorite, this was too much. “Are you serious?” She said, “Do you even realize how much this meant to me?”

Her mother muttered, unable to meet her gaze, “Britt, we’re sorry.” I swear, we’ll celebrate later.

Britt gave it some thinking and concluded it would be better to spend some time away from the house. With a quivering voice, she contacted Justin’s mother, Mrs. Anderson, saying, “Good evening, Mrs. Anderson.” I’m in need of a favor, but how should I ask?

“Go ahead, Brittany. What’s that? Mrs. Anderson gave a kind response.

“Is it okay if I remain with you for a bit? I need to go because my family and I are at odds.

Mrs. Anderson said, “Of course, sweetheart,” without hesitation. Here, you’re always welcome.

After gathering her belongings, Britt went to the front entrance. “I’m going,” she declared. “I need to spend some time away from you and this house.”

It was too late when her mother attempted to stop her.

Britt eventually found an apartment after finding a job in the weeks that followed. Refusing to answer her parents’ calls, she desired no interaction with them.

About to graduate from college, years later, Britt made the decision to offer her parents one last opportunity at forgiveness. Feeling that they owed her this, she called and invited them to her graduation ceremony.

Regretfully, history was repeated. Her mother and stepfather failed to appear on the day she graduated from college. The justification? They became stopped in traffic as Iris, who was pregnant at the time, had a yearning for a cake from a far-off sweet shop. They sent a cheesy text message, just like before.

It was yet another setback from those who were supposed to be Britt’s strongest allies. Justin tracked her down after the ceremony. “They didn’t show up, did they?” he inquired tactfully. “They didn’t,” she whispered.

Since Justin had always supported her, they finally became romantically involved and moved in together. Though Britt was content with her life’s outcome, the pain of her parents’ absence persisted.

In retrospect, Britt discovered that some people will consistently let you down and squander your second chance.

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