She is the TV personality who had more than 700 guys for sex.

Australian reality TV star Belinda Love Rygier says she had over 700 sex encounters and that her addiction to sex “ruled her life.”

She explained how she managed to overcome her addiction and lead a normal life.

Belinda “Love” Rygier, who made her television debut in the 2017 season of The Bachelor Australia, revealed that she has been single for 15 months and is a client of a recovery center.

The 38-year-old woman disclosed that her only purpose for going out six nights a week was to meet new sex partners.

When her addiction was at its worst, dating apps weren’t as publicly accessible, the Australian personality admitted.

Words from a Past Sexual Addict

When approached to speak on a radio program, Belinda said she “didn’t realize she had a problem until she healed from it,” according to Mirror.

The woman said, “After I recovered, I was positive that an unresolved trauma from my past caused my sex addiction.”

Despite the fact that her sex addiction had taken over her life, the woman maintains she was a “functional addict,” leading a wonderful life that functioned well and kept her secrets hidden.

The TV personality asserts that she has “lost count” of the number of men she has had sexual relations with over the years, but she is certain that the tally exceeds “seven hundred.”

She did, however, declare that she is “not ashamed” of the number of sexual partners she has had and that she still has a “high sexual desire.”

“The woman expressed that her desire was to feel beautiful, validated, and loved; men were great at providing me with the information I wanted to hear.”

Why is she not having sex right now?
Belinda said, “Sex is used for the wrong reason—quick or fleeting validation from others. Society has declined.”

She admitted that in the past, engaging in sexual activity required a strong emotional connection. “I’ll have sex again, but with someone I truly connect with this time.”

With thousands of fans, the TV star has become a social media “love guru,” routinely appearing on shows to impart life lessons to her audience.


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