The mystery of the “squnk”: Ohio residents can’t tell if this creature is a squirrel or a skunk,,,,,,

In Northeast Ohio, there’s been talk lately about this unusual and intriguing critter that resembles a hybrid between a skunk and a squirrel.

The creature, called a “squnk,” has a squirrel’s body but a skunk’s dark black fur and white-tipped tail:

Recently, there have been multiple reports of sightings of this unusual creature in Ohio, and pictures of it have gone popular on social media. According to some theories, the “squnk” may indeed be a cross between the two species.

It turns out that this “squnk” is a black squirrel. Even without any skunk DNA, it’s still a really uncommon sight. According to Smithsonian Magazine, black squirrels are the offspring of coupling eastern gray and fox squirrels. The squirrel in question is actually an eastern gray squirrel that got a gene variation that gave it a darker pigmentation.

There is only one black squirrel for every 10,000 squirrels, making them extremely rare. They are able to stay warmer in the winter and in colder climates thanks to their darker coat, which gives them a thermal advantage over typical gray squirrels.

Since their release on campus in 1961, ten black squirrels have been an iconic feature of Kent State University, earning them the title of unofficial mascot.

Therefore, don’t worry if you see a “squnk” in Ohio; it’s only a black squirrel with some fur on its tail that resembles that of a skunk, and you won’t get sprayed.

What a remarkable creature, wow! Even while it may not be a squirrel-skunk hybrid, it is nevertheless a rare critter to find.

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