Defying Beauty Norms: 31-Year-Old Teacher Proudly Rejects Eyebrow Tweezing and Mustache Waxing

A 31-year-old Danish woman who is undoubtedly defying social norms on beauty refuses to remove her mustache and is unconcerned about her unibrow. Meet Eldina Jaganjac, a Copenhagen-born teacher who has rejected society’s standards of beauty, especially those pertaining to men.

In March 2020, Eldina took a risk by allowing her facial hair to grow and embracing her 31-year-old natural appearance. She discovered a certain liberation in accepting herself exactly as she is, in defiance of the conventional beauty standards that encourage women to be sleek and hairless. Naturally, not everyone found this to be acceptable. Men were bold enough to remark that she appeared to have a “third head” staring at them. But Eldina finds that her facial hair serves as a great filter, preventing her from interacting with people she would prefer not to.

Eldina is convinced that her mustache and unibrow deter “conservative” suitors, allowing her to attract guys who value her personality above appearances.

She revealed, “I used to think that women’s fashion choices were limited to a few selections. I had a constant obsession with getting my eyebrows just right before I accepted my unibrow. If a man neglects to shave his beard, nobody seems to care. It’s simply accepted as normal.

Eldina went on, “Like many other women, I used to be so strict with myself.” If my eyebrows weren’t well-groomed, I wouldn’t leave the house, and if my legs weren’t flawlessly waxed, I wouldn’t go to the gym.


But things have since changed. Now, I’ve made the decision to pay more attention to my responsibilities and objectives and less to how I look. She stated matter-of-factly, “I’m not going to lose sleep over it, and even if I did, I just wouldn’t care.”


Eldina claims that initially, it didn’t feel right. She said with a hint of well-earned sarcasm, “But if people have nothing better to do than yell at strangers, then that’s their problem.”

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