Plus-Sized Rider’s Demand For Taxis To Accommodate Her Weight Deemed “Outrageous”

The plus-size travel influencer Jaelynn Chaney, also known as Jae Bae, is now taking aim at ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft as part of the new push for so-called “fat-pride” activism. Chaney, who has in the past urged airlines to provide fat travelers extra free seats, turned to TikTok to call on ridesharing businesses to mandate that their drivers carry seatbelt extenders for larger passengers.

“Because no belt extenders are available, I have to go without a seatbelt every time I use a ridesharing. “For many plus-size people, this is a common issue,” Chaney asserted in the caption of her video. She continued by claiming that this is a safety risk rather than just a hassle and that ridesharing services ought to be required to supply at least one seatbelt extender per car.


Even though Chaney carries a “universal” seatbelt extender, it frequently doesn’t fit, as she showed in her video when she tried to strap up in a sedan. She suggested that ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft compensate drivers for the price of seatbelt extenders, which can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $12. This issue might be resolved if every driver had at least one seatbelt extender that was made especially for their car. She said, “Safety for people of all sizes SHOULD NOT be optional.”

Her video received a largely insensitive response. Chaney was advised by numerous comments to accept personal accountability for her weight. One user said, “Not to be rude, but that should be a sign to lock in and lose some weight if you need an extender to use a seatbelt in a car.” Many others agreed, saying that people should take care of their health problems instead of relying on companies to support their lifestyle choices.

With a strong belief in her spiritual calling to support plus-size individuals, Chaney regularly utilizes her social media platforms to draw attention to perceived discrimination against obese people, especially in airports. She recently spoke about an event that happened at Chicago O’Hare airport, where she said that while being pushed in a wheelchair, she became stuck in a rotating door and that no one helped her.


Her support goes beyond planes and ridesharing. More than 39,000 people have signed Chaney’s petition asking the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to require airlines to provide obese customers free seats. Her position has generated a lot of debate since she contends that in order to protect plus-size passengers’ safety and comfort while flying, airlines should make accommodations for them.

Chaney has talked candidly about her success in dating despite being overweight. She disclosed in a recent video that the same “gym rats” who make fun of her on TikTok also make advances toward her on Tinder. Right now, Chaney and her husband are in a polyamorous relationship.

Chaney isn’t letting the criticism stop her from advocating for policies that she thinks would make travel safer and more comfortable for people of larger size. Her initiatives have generated discussions on the difficulties encountered by overweight passengers, but they have also prompted an argument about personal accountability and the degree to which companies ought to respect customers’ lifestyle preferences.

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