These Signs Show That You Have Completely Lost Your Man

Should you discover that you and your spouse are engaging in these actions, it may be an obvious sign that things have changed between you. Identifying these indicators might assist you in realizing when it might be time to think about moving on.

1. He has already entered into a new romantic partnership.

2. He has deleted every trace of you from his social media accounts.

3. He will start arguments with you over the most trivial issues.

4. He makes contact with his former romantic partners.

5. He routinely calls off your date nights.

6. He requests that you return his priceless possessions.

7. He won’t make any concessions and has a far different outlook on the future than you do.

8. He acts shady or in a suspicious manner around you.

9. He makes fun of you or makes fun of you to make you feel bad.

10. He shies away from affection and closeness.

11. Your significant dates and anniversaries are no longer of concern to him.

12. You don’t feel encouraged to pursue your goals by him.

13. When he’s with you, he seems depressed and disappointed all the time.

14. He frequently misses your calls or ignores your messages without answering.

15. He no longer pampers you or gives you things.

16. He no longer professes his affection for you.

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