Andrea Bocelli, resplendent in a crisp white suit, awaits a special guest on stage. Suddenly, Celine Dion emerges in a sparkling silver dress. Together, they deliver a history-making rendition of “The Prayer,” now the most-watched version with over 198 million views.

In 2015, Andrea Bocelli and Céline Dion, two of the most recognizable voices in music, performed a stunning live version of “The Prayer” together on stage. Originally featured in the 1998 film “Quest for Camelot,” this song is well-known for its depth of passion. Dion recorded the English version, while Bocelli recorded the Italian.

After the movie came out, the two worked together to create a duet of “The Prayer,” which was included on their studio albums that followed. Their amazing vocal harmony was highlighted by this collaboration, which also helped the song win several important accolades.

See the breathtaking rendition of “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Céline Dion in the video below. It’s a wonderful fusion of two incredible talents.

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