Carrie Underwood’s Tennessee Farm, Where She Lives with Husband & Sons, Caught Fire

When a spontaneous fire started at singer Carrie Underwood’s secluded house on Sunday, June 16, things became dangerous.


The cause of the fire remained unknown as firefighters battled the unrelenting blaze late into the night, leading to an ongoing investigation into what started the flames.

Singer Carrie Underwood’s Tennessee house, where she lives with her husband and family, caught fire in the late evening, marking a tragic conclusion to the evening. It is estimated that the fire broke out at 9:45 p.m.

Williamson County Fire Rescue crew members were sent to Underwood’s residence in the Pinewood neighborhood, west of Leiper’s Fork, to put out the fire that had taken hold of the home’s garage.
Underwood’s residence is located in a rural place, therefore the County Fire Rescue had to send all eight of its stations to respond to the call. To get to the property, the crew had to go up a long driveway and then another long road, according to officials.
The home’s 10,000-gallon water tank helped the crew members rapidly put out the fire.

The firefighters had to remain on the scene for several more hours in order to control the flare-ups and stop the fire from spreading further because it had, regrettably, penetrated into the walls and continued to flare up in hot spots.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and Underwood’s family, who was at home at the time, was unharmed. The main home was likewise unharmed.
The Williamson County Fire Rescue detailed the previous night’s events in a statement posted on its Facebook page early on Monday morning. It stated, among other things, that investigations were being conducted to find out what might have started the fire. However, there are rumors that a UTV that was parked close to the garage may have started the fire.

A statement was also sent by Carrie Underwood’s spokesperson after the event, stating that a fire broke out on the property on Sunday night and was promptly put out. They also stated that the family and their pets were safe and that there was no fire damage to the main property.

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