I recently spent $6,500 on this registered Black Angus bull

I recently bought this certified Black Angus bull for $6,500. He would not even look at a cow when I let him out with the herd; instead, he would just eat grass.


That bull was starting to look like more than I had paid for him. In any case, I asked the veterinarian to examine him.

He informed me that the bull was likely a little young, but otherwise in excellent health, and gave me some medicines to give him once a day.


In just two days, the bull began tending to all of my cows! He even managed to go beyond the fence and mated with every cow owned by my neighbor!

He resembles a machine. I’m not sure what was in the tablets that the veterinarian gave him. However, they have a peppermint-like flavor. 🤣




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