A month after the Tom Cruise rumors, Katie Holmes has confirmed the truth about their daughter in a rare interview.

Katie Holmes stated in an unusual interview that she want to “protect” the daughter she had with Tom Cruise.


In 2012, after six years of marriage, Holmes and Mission Impossible star Cruise called it quits. Their breakup was well reported.


After the couple’s divorce, which was the subject of many rumors, Holmes retained custody of their daughter, Suri. Holmes has been candid about how little of the now sixteen-year-old has been viewed over time.

Holmes gained notoriety at the age of 19 after landing a role in the teen drama Dawson’s Creek.


In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Holmes stated, “I remember really wanting to grow as an actor and not just do things to capitalize on the moment when we were doing Dawson’s Creek and it was successful.” “I wanted to learn from other people.”


But after she began dating Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise, the Batman Begins actress hit new heights. The media’s attention in the couple and their family intensified with the birth of their daughter Suri.


The increased scrutiny caused new paparazzi pictures of Tom and Kate’s young daughter to surface almost daily. In response, Katie made the conscious decision to avoid the limelight so as to protect her young daughter’s morals. This resulted in a pause in career that lasted till 2011.

As was previously noted, Tom and Katie split up in 2012, five years after getting married in an Italian ceremony.


Considering that they were two of the most well-known couples on the planet, it would not come as a huge surprise that the rumors went bananas. There was a lot of speculation as to why they broke up, with Holmes being thought to be wary of the Church of Scientology.

Actually, Katie used New York to file for Tom’s divorce. This was purportedly done to improve her chances of being granted sole custody of Suri because the law forbids giving parents who are at odds with one another partial custody of their child.

Once Holmes was given sole custody of the child, she was able to ensure that Suri stayed away from Scientology. Because it was alleged that Tom did not anticipate the divorce, he was unable to control the narrative, as he was accused of doing during his break with Nicole Kidman.


In any case, Holmes’s desperate desire to protect her child doesn’t go away.

Before her most recent film, Rare Objects, debuted, the 44-year-old said:

Since my child was so noticeable when she was a little child, I truly like to protect her, which has been extremely important to me. I feel very lucky to be her mother. She is a very remarkable individual.

The fact that Tom Cruise and his daughter hardly ever interacted was just made public this month. Page Six claims that the 60-year-old Top Gun star is no longer active in Suri’s life and hasn’t seen her in years.

Which do you prefer, Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes? Do you think Katie is acting appropriately by keeping Suri secret from the press?

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