This Man Is Suing His Parents For Having Him “Without His Consent” And It’s Looking Good

There are highs and lows in life. While you consume, work, play, and sleep, you also have to cope with discomfort. You have personal problems that make life more difficult than you would want, regardless of who you are or what circumstances you find yourself in. However, if you had never been born, none of this would be taking place. Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old anti-natalist from Mumbai, India, believes that having your own parents is a reason to sue them.

Samuel’s divisive comments are causing quite a commotion on his Facebook page, “Nihilanand.” He frequently shares memes and videos supporting his belief that it’s unfair that your parents opted to bring you into this dysfunctional world and that you were born without their consent.

Some perceive him as being humorous. Some believe he lacks empathy. There are those who genuinely enjoy him. One thing, nevertheless, never goes away: people are still interested in him.

Even though Raphael Samuel might appear a little ludicrous in his disguise—especially when combined with his flamboyant remarks—he nevertheless stands up for the common guy while sporting his trademark false black beard and dark sunglasses. He never stops preaching that parents who give their children a life they didn’t ask for are self-centered and should not be respected.

He usually makes memes to draw attention to his concepts. He poses in front of vividly colored phrases in these pictures. “A good parent puts the child above its desires and needs, but the child itself is a desire of the parent,” reads one of his most recent quotes. #ParentsAreEmpathetic

Samuel oddly enough says he gets along well with his dad (DailyMail). He feels that he is not required to thank them for bringing him here, even if he doesn’t treat them disrespectfully.

Raphael Samuel claims in a video titled “Why am I suing my parents?” that although his father hasn’t accepted it, his mother has accepted his beliefs. “He’s getting used to the idea,” He deals with some really decent parents, for someone who says you don’t have to respect them.

Samuel approaches the possibility of suing his parents more and more as “Nihilanand” gains popularity and amusing online remarks. Through Facebook photographs that assert, “Your parents had you instead of a toy or a dog,” people are endorsing his beliefs and letting him know that he is making a “good point.” You have no debt to them. Their amusement comes from you.

Samuel has even gone so far as to liken having children to slavery (for the owner’s/parent’s gain) and kidnapping (because of the lack of permission). His main objective is to ensure that people are aware that having children is a choice, even though many of his ideas seem to veer more toward sensationalism and internet trolling. In a society where having children is practically a given, he wants to defy convention and show that there are valid reasons not to.

How do you feel? Is he trying to make a point, or is he just making fun of us all?

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