Farmer finds newborn calf freezing in the snow — and saves his life with a hot tub

Many animals are vulnerable to the risks of cold weather, just like people are. They are susceptible to conditions like hypothermia and frostbite, so it is always encouraging when people go above and beyond to keep them warm.

Like the farmer who used a really creative and surprising solution to improvise and rescue the life of a freezing baby cow.

Dean Gangwer farms in Rossville, Indiana, and he raises cattle there. In 2015, Dean came upon a surprising new addition to his property on a chilly morning.

He had no idea that one of his cows had given birth in the middle of the night. Sadly, she gave birth to her calf on top of a mound of snow, and the little one was now freezing.

Dean struggled to keep his eyes open and could see that the calf was breathing heavily. In an attempt to save the cow, he raced it to his house.

Using his knowledge of cattle, he determined that the calf required a hot bath. and Dean just so happened to have his hot tub, the ideal cow-sized bath, ready to go!

As strange as it may sound, the strategy was a huge success.

Leroy and I had a wonderful bath for an hour after I got in fully clothed and held him up to prevent him from drowning, Dean said WRTV. “We both came out warm and I think the end story’s going to be great for him.”

Warm, warming blankets were put around the farmer’s calf following that calming jacuzzi session.

The calf’s name is Leroy. The cow was soon prepared to rejoin the herd when his body temperature stabilized.

While the farmer’s decision to share his hot tub with the cows was a thoughtful and quick decision that helped rescue the small cow, he says that it won’t happen often.

“Leroy has concluded his hot-tubbing,” he declared. “His days in the hot tub are definitely over, but he may still sunbathe occasionally in the grass in the future.”

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