Salma in a sраrkliոg dress arranged a striрtease in the kitchen

Salma staged a striptease in the kitchen while wearing a sparkly outfit.

The actress, 56, made the bold provoking decision. Salma Hayek showed up bare-shouldered. The dress’s zipper was unfastened.

At the Oscars, the American actress with Mexican ancestry radiated Hollywood glamour. She came on the red carpet of the Dolbi Theater in Los Angeles wearing a Gucci dress that was bright honey in color and embellished with glittering sequins.

The 15-year-old Valentine daughter, to whom she gave birth to French billionaire French-Henri Pino, joined her at the star event.

On the ground, the girl picked up a red dress without straps. The actress and her daughter both were equally trim in their form-fitting clothing.

Salma today unveiled a humorous video that was taken following the honor. In front of a table covered in dishes and bottles in the kitchen, Hayek emerged.

The artist made a suggestion that she ought to go get into her claustrophobic clothing. The star planned a striptease and totally undid a designer garment’s zipper.

Hayek demonstrated that she rejected the bra in order to create a provocative image by turning to the camera while showing only her back.

The “Robber” movie’s lead actress eagerly ate a piece of beef with her hands while avoiding ruining her makeup with bright red lipstick.

Her hair was still styled in opulent flowing curls like it was during the ceremony. The enormous ring with a sizable blue sapphire on the index finger wasn’t even removed by the artist in time.

Ironically, Kinodiva added, “I am happy to support the glamor, but first about the main problem. The artist’s acquaintance chuckled when they saw this image. Expectations against reality, she exclaimed in the background.

Antonio Banderas, the actress’s friend and partner on the Kat in Boots project, expressed his appreciation for the crew by using multiple laughing emojis.

The Frida actress displayed two brilliant photos at a prestigious Hollywood event. A tight-fitting silver dress with translucent inserts was picked up from the floor by celebrity stylist Rebecca Korbin-Murray for the actress in addition to the copper attire made especially for Salma, according to Daily Mail.

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