Looks too simple and ordinary! Angie was not recognized at the airport

Looks too plain and commonplace! At the airport, nobody recognized Angie.

The 47-year-old actress was seen at the Washington, D.C., airport. Maddox Jolie, Angelina Jolie’s 21-year-old oldest son, was with her.
The former spouse of Brad Pitt made an exquisite yet succinct entrance.

The actress from the movie The Tourist wore a traditional beige trench coat, which she put over a black top and matching black pants. The starlet was carrying a Celine purse.

Angie wore her hair down and minimal makeup, as she usually does when she isn’t on a red carpet. Maddox dressed in a plain T-shirt and pants, imitating the celebrity mom.

The actress’s new public appearance was discussed by The Network right away. Even in such plain attire, Angele looks stunning, nothing extraneous,

Hollywood elegance and special charm”, “Extremely harmonized image, everything is in the subject and in place!” and “How lovely she is in real life,” people remarked in blogs.

For a special occasion, Angie and her son took a plane to Washington. They went to the White House celebration honoring the relationship between the US and South Korea’s 70th anniversary. Maddox attended Yonsei University in Seoul to study biology.

The student is currently finishing his studies in the USA. Due to the epidemic, he was forced to return home in 2020, at which point pupils switched to a remote learning system that is still used today.

Angelina selected a stunning photo for her presentation at the gala event. She applied vibrant makeup, putting special focus on her scarlet lips, and wore a white evening gown.

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