Her face is no longer pretty! Silicоne Megan began to annoy fans

Her face has lost its beauty. Silicone Megan started to irritate admirers.

The complete truth was conveyed to the star. Long suspected of going under the knife and having many breast augmentation procedures, Megan Fox. It appears that the photos from last fall can attest to these rumors.

After releasing these pictures, the actress came under fire. Fox’s personal account subscribers were incensed about what transpired to the socialite’s appearance.

They felt that the “Jennifer’s Body” star overdid the interventions and lost all naturalness. The admirers reasoned that it no longer has any uniqueness.

They remarked, “I thought it was Kim Kardashian,” “It looks like she ruined her face,” “The smile is terrible,” and other things. The celebrity learned the whole truth.

It has long been believed that Megan Fox underwent numerous breast augmentation procedures. The images captured in the fall of last year seem to confirm these rumors.

The actress received backlash after posting these photos. The socialite’s appearance infuriated Fox’s personal account subscribers.

They claimed that the “Jennifer’s Body” star over-intervened and lost any naturalness. The enthusiasts believed it had lost its originality. They continued, “the smile is terrible,” “it looks like she ruined her face,” and “I thought it was Kim Kardashian.”

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